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Angus Trumble’s 1975 In Retrospect

Esopus 2 (Spring 2004)

Angus Trumble’s 1975 In Retrospect

By Angus Trumble

“The human rights activist Andrei Dimitrievich Sakharov won the Nobel Peace Prize. The deposed Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, whose titles included ‘Lion of Judah’ and ‘King of Kings,’ was secretly murdered in prison in Addis Ababa. The U.S. fiscal deficit was $35 billion. Andy Warhol bought a new black, white, and brown Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow motor car, instructing his friend Jed Johnson to let it be known that he had exchanged it for art….”

Our resident chronologer delves into the countless events—from civil war in Angola to Cecil Beaton’s stroke—of 1975.

Angus Trumble is Curator of Paintings and Sculpture at the Yale Center for British Art. His books include A Brief History of the Smile (Basic Books, 2004), and The Finger: A Handbook (Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2010).