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Title page from David Scher’s “Into the Green”

Esopus 2 (Spring 2004)

Artist’s Project: David Scher

By David Scher

“Into the Green,” a suite of 15 drawings by David Scher from early May 2003, represents the artist’s exploration of the theme of man merging with nature. These intense, exquisite artworks, produced by Scher in a single day, breathe new life into the much-explored relationship between figure and ground.

Artist David Scher, who shows with Leo Koenig Inc. and Pierogi in New York, has made music with Frank Noise and the Logs of Wood for 33 years. He also heads the design entity Dept. of Lettering and is a cofounder of Subvoyant. Scher’s work has been exhibited extensively in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe.