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legal pad

Photograph © Daniel Gordon

Esopus 9 (Fall 2007)


Edited by Mike Powell; artwork by Daniel Gordon

Because of their intimacy, because of their possible significance, because of their occasional mind-shearing improbability, dreams have always been a subject of the creative process. Like art, they try to drag us into another world, or at least offer the possibility of looking at our own differently. Sometimes, their banality can draw our attention to beauty in its simplest forms; sometimes it’s a dream’s separateness from everyday life that makes it linger. Whatever the reason, dreams have inspired work in just about every artistic medium.

For our third subscriber invitational, we asked Esopus readers to share their dreams with us, then passed these on to musicians for inspiration. Accompanying the selected dreams published in the issue are five images created for Esopus by New York–based artist Daniel Gordon, each of which represents his take on a common dream subject.


1. “Dreamed I had an extra big toe growing out of the side of my foot; I peeled off layers of skin and the toenail began to disappear. My bed was full of earthworms. I was awakened by my cat touching my back.”—Meg Armstrong (London, UK)

Tucson, AZ–resident Mike Powell has written about music for Stylus, Pitchfork, the Oxford American, Wire, and The Village Voice.

Daniel Gordon’s photographs have been featured in solo exhibitions at the Zach Feuer Gallery and Calicoon Fine Arts in New York, GroeflinMaag Gallery in Basel, Switzerland, and Angstrom Gallery in Dallas, TX. His work has also appeared in a number of group shows, including the Museum of Modern Art's "New Photography" survey in 2009. Gordon received an Emerging Artist award from the Scope Foundation in 2003.