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Esopus 9 (Fall 2007)


A Short Film About Andy Warhol

Screenplay by Jim Lyons; introduction by Amy Taubin

One night in the life of the Pop artist as imagined by the late filmmaker


Artist’s Project: Sarah Malakoff

By Sarah Malakoff

“Untitled Interiors,” vivid images of domestic spaces


Deconstructing Constructing

By David Quarfoot

A New York Times crossword creator details the process of composing a puzzle.


Artist’s Project: Charlie White

By Charlie White

“American Blondes 2005”: What don’t these magazine covers have in common?


I’m With the Band

By Heather McPherson

What compels a shy girl from Missouri to become a Japanese drummer?


Found Object: Stalag Journal

Introduction by John Limon

An American P.O.W.’s diary from World War II, discovered posthumously by his son


100 Frames: I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone

Film by Tsai Ming-Liang; text by Claire Denis

Stills from the Taiwan-based director’s critically lauded 2006 film, introduction by Claire Denis


Artist’s Project: Kay Rosen

By Kay Rosen

“ABC, a Primer” (removable 32-page booklet)


Modern Artifacts 3: Tentative and Confidential

Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Documentation of a secret WW2–era MoMA project, referred to by insiders as “Exhibition X”


Angus Trumble’s 1824 In Retrospect

By Angus Trumble

One year. One page. (Ninth in a series)



Edited by Mike Powell; artwork by Daniel Gordon

We asked subscribers to supply dreams as source material for the tracks on this issue’s CD.


Esopus CD #9: Dreams

Guest edited by Mike Powell

Esopus asked musicians such as Dirty Projectors, Paavoharju, and Califone to use our readers’ dreams as source material for new songs.


Tom Gilroy reads Jim Lyon’s “A Short Film About Andy Warhol” at Esopus 9 Kitchen event


Artists and Readers Join forces for 9th CD

For our ninth issue, subscribers submitted transcripts of their dreams, which musicians like Dirty Projectors and Califone used as source material for new songs.

Esopus 9 Now On Newsstands

The largest issue of Esopus yet, which includes artists' projects by Kay Rosen, Charlie White, and Sarah Malakoff, is now available on newsstands.