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Image accompanying Victoria Matsui’s “Good Friends”

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Esopus 18 (Spring 2012)
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New Voices: “Good Friends”

By Victoria Matsui

“Well, I’m pregnant. My breasts are tender and my stomach is in turmoil: I should have known. I call my boyfriend, my underwear still hooked around my ankles; I trip, pacing. I give him the facts. I’m sorry, he says, and then goes quiet. I’m impatient; I say something like, So, do you know where we can get a good crib? I listen to him gasp for breath and then remember that’s just how he laughs.”

Tenth in our series of fiction by never-before-published authors.

Victoria Matsui graduated from Vassar College in 2010. She now lives in Brooklyn and is an editorial assistant at Little, Brown and Company. “Good Friends” is her first published story.