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Esopus 18 (Spring 2012)

COVER_18_Large (1).jpg

Artist’s Project: Bryan Nash Gill

By Bryan Nash Gill

Artifacts from the artist’s 2012 installation at Esopus Space


Analog Recovery 2: Home Studio

Photographs by Erich Hartmann

Never-before-seen early portraits from the Magnum photographer


Angus Trumble’s 1986 In Haiku

By Angus Trumble

One year. One page. (17th in a series)


Found Object: Spliced Duck

Recovered by Rich Remsberg

Esopus regular Remsburg found this anonymous collage in a shop in Readsboro, VT, in 2004.


100 Frames: Ode (1999)

Film by Kelly Reichardt; introduction by Amy Taubin

Riveting still images from a little-seen Super-8 film


Artist’s Project: Mary Lum

By Mary Lum

Die-cut collages depicting the urban landscape—and its effects on those who traverse it.


Modern Artifacts 11: Creating “Spaces”

Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Material related to a groundbreaking 1969 exhibition


New Voices: “Good Friends”

By Victoria Matsui

Tenth in our series of fiction by never-before-published authors


Artist’s Project: Bill Burns

By Bill Burns

“Storyboards for Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Told in the Form of Ivan the Terrible,” 2012


Notes of Appreciation

Introduction by Electra Slonimsky Yourke

Pages from the guest book of musicologist Nicolas Slonimsky


Esopus CD #18: Slonimsky’s Thesaurus

Musical patterns from an influential 1947 book inspire 10 new songs.


The Esopus 18 launch party at Esopus Space


Esopus 18 event at Brooklyn’s BookCourt

An event related to Esopus 18 features a reading by author Victoria Matsui and a short concert by muscian Cat Martino.

Esopus 18 launches at Esopus Space

The launch party for Esopus 18 also served as the opening reception for a related installation by artist Bryan Nash Gill, “What Was Will Be Again.”

Esopus 18 now on newsstands

The 18th issue of Esopus, featuring artists' projects by Bill Burns, Bryan Nash Gill, and Mary Lum, has just reached newsstands in the U.S. and abroad.