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Title page from our Television invitational

Esopus 15 (Fall 2010)
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Esopus Invitational: What Would You Like to See on Television?

Esopus asked the question of a number of writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and other creative thinkers; their answers run the gamut from “meticulously researched current-affairs programming” (Laura Mulvey) to “a one-year ban on melisma in pop-singing” (John Kelly).


Singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart’s albums include Oh Me Oh My..., Cripple Crow, and What Will We Be. He co-founded the record label Gnomonsong with Andy Cabic in 2005.

Artist Judith Barry’s work incorporates performance, installation, film and video, sculpture, and new media, and has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale and the Carnegie International, among many other venues.

David Carr is a media and culture columnist for The New York Times. His memoir, The Night of the Gun, was published in 2008.

Artist Liam Gillick was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2002 and was selected to represent Germany in the 2009 Venice Biennale.