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Artist’s Project: Johan Grimonprez

By Johan Grimonprez

Esopus 15 (Fall 2010)
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A series of stills reproduced from the artist’s acclaimed 1997 film dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, a video collage featuring fragments of TV commercials, home movies, science-fiction films, and archival television news footage of hijackers, whose juxtaposition is meant to, in the artist’s words, “highlight the value of the spectacular in our catastrophe culture.”


Born in Belgium in 1962, Johan Grimonprez currently lives and works in Brussels and New York, where he teaches at the School of Visual Arts. His first film, dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, premiered in 1997 at Centre Georges Pompidou and Documenta X in Kassel, Germany. Focusing on televised representations of airplane hijackings in the 1970s, it served as a meditation on the tensions between fact and fiction in the formation of historical narrative. In 2005, Grimonprez completed the film Looking for Alfred, which won the International Media Award (Germany) that year as well as the European Media Award in 2006. His latest work, Double Take, appeared in 2009. Grimonprez, who is represented by Sean Kelly Gallery in New York, has exhibited at Tate Modern, the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.