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legal pad

Telephone message slip for Dorothy C. Miller, n.d.
The James Lee Byars-Dorothy C. Miller Correspondence, I.3.
From the Museum of Modern Art Archives.

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Esopus 8 (Spring 2007)
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Modern Artifacts 2: “Dear Miss Miller…”

Introduction by Michelle Elligott

For the second installment in our series highlighting selections from the archives of the Museum of Modern Art, archivist Michelle Elligott offers correspondence between the artist James Lee Byars and MoMA curator Dorothy C. Miller. The letters not only document the fascinating relationship between Byars and Miller, but serve as artifacts of the ideas and modes of expression Byars worked through during a decade abroad in Japan.

Michelle Elligott is the Rona Roob Senior Museum Archivist at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Elligott coedited Art in Our Time: A Chronicle of the Museum of Modern Art, cocurated MoMA’s “1969” exhibition, and has published and lectured widely.