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Title page from Stuart Nadler's “Carter and the Kid”

Esopus 8 (Spring 2007)
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New Voices: “Carter and the Kid”

By Stuart Nadler

“Carter could take a punch, but for show, he knew how to bite the inside of his cheek, draw blood, and with the right amount of drama and grit, spit out a wet crimson stream onto the judge’s table. It helped sell the crowd if they thought the fight was real.”

In the fourth installment in our series of fiction by never-before-published authors, two boxers, play-fighting to crowds across the country, find true struggle off the mats.

“Carter and the Kid” was Stuart Nadler’s first published story. He is also the author of The Book of Life (Reagan Arthur, 2011). Nadler graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he was awarded the Truman Capote Fellowship and a Teaching Writing Fellowship.