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Hand-drawn diagram by Alfred H. Barr, Jr., c. 1936. Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers, 3.C.4a, from the Museum of Modern Art Archives

Esopus 7 (Fall 2006)
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Modern Artifacts 1

Introduction by Michelle Elligott

With this issue, Esopus inaugurates “Modern Artifacts,” a series presented in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art Archives which features examples from MoMA’s extensive holdings of documents relating to the history and development of modern and contemporary art. This initial offering features a series of preparatory sketches from the papers of the museum’s first director, Alfred H. Barr, Jr., all leading to the iconic chart Barr devised for the cover of the catalog of the 1936 MoMA exhibition “Cubism and Modern Art.”

Michelle Elligott is the Rona Roob Senior Museum Archivist at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Elligott coedited Art in Our Time: A Chronicle of the Museum of Modern Art, cocurated MoMA’s “1969” exhibition, and has published and lectured widely.