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A drawing from Alex Brown's “Doing Battle”   (© Alex Brown)

Esopus 7 (Fall 2006)
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Doing Battle

By Alex Brown

Like most adolescent boys, Alex Brown loves video games, comics, and sci-fi movies. But this particular teenager (13 at the time of this issue’s publication) forged them into something completely unique: riveting drawings of real and imagined battles evoking the fury and chaos of war. We feature a selection taken from a few of Alex’s 14" x 17" sketchbooks. These barrages of gesture and color take on conflict in formal, psychological, and social terms, betraying the vision and drive of an artist in the making. Interview included.

Alex Brown is currently a sophomore at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, where he is studying Russian and contemplating a major in International Studies. His work was published in Esopus 7 for the first time.