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Esopus 14 (Spring 2010)


Editor’s Note

By Tod Lippy

Introducing a special issue containing 12 brand-new artist’s projects


Artist’s Project: Marcia Kure

By Marcia Kure

“Dressed Up”: A series of collages comparing hip-hop and Victorian sartorial cultures


Artist’s Project: Roxy Paine

By Roxy Paine

Sixteen drawings by the acclaimed artist explore dendritic systems (with removable poster)


Artist’s Project: Barbara Probst

By Barbara Probst

A series of photographs whose subjects occur in the same split-second of time


Artist’s Project: Judy Pfaff

By Judy Pfaff

This stunning, 6-foot-long double foldout utilizes hundreds of the artist’s photographs.


Artist’s Project: Kerry James Marshall

By Kerry James Marshall

A comic strip whose subjects include theory, culture, history, and the “Black Metropolis”


Artist’s Project: John O’Connor

By John O’Connor

The artist color-coded grids created by his landlord to predict winning lottery numbers.


Artist’s Project: Suzanne Bocanegra

By Suzanne Bocanegra

31 artists are invited to reimagine recipe cards as miniature in-home performances.


Artist’s Project: Jared Flood

By Jared Flood

For “Esprit de Corpse,” multiple artists worked individually to knit a single garment.


Artist’s Project: Erica Allen

By Erica Allen

Manipulated barbershop posters and discarded photographs create resonant portraits of masculinity.


Artist’s Project: Fernando Santangelo

By Fernando Santangelo

In “Egypt,” a picture story told with Tarot-like images, two children embark upon an Egyptian adventure.


Artist’s Project: Juri Murioka

By Juri Murioka

The artist maps her surroundings with whimsical drawings.


Artist’s Project: John Baldessari

By John Baldessari

“Foot and Stocking Series,” a series based on a 1965 painting by the artist


Esopus CD #14: Artists

Sharon Van Etten, Doveman, Big Troubles, and 10 other musical acts created new songs inspired by, and named after, visual artists.


Contributor Judy Pfaff with students at Esopus 14 launch


“Esopus 14: Artists” CD out in May

Sharon Van Etten, Doveman, Memoryhouse, and 9 others create songs inspired by (and named after) the artists of their choice.

Esopus 14: Projects Now On Newsstands

Esopus 14, a special edition devoted to projects by 12 contemporary artists, is now available on newsstands.


A group exhibition with works by John Baldessari, Marcia Kure, Kerry James Marshall, John O’Connor, Roxy Paine, Judy Pfaff, Barbara Probst, and others.