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Title page from Katherine J. Lee's "Reading"
(Photo of a Felix Gonzalez-Torres billboard © Tom DuBrock)

Esopus 16 (Spring 2011)
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New Voices: “Reading”

By Katherine J. Lee

“I wake up half an hour before Chicago, when a woman goes into labor. We make an emergency stop in Irving Park, near where I used to work, and where an ambulance is waiting at the station. The whole car listens to the baby cry for twenty minutes before the mother’s stretchered off. The woman across the aisle whispers, ‘That tiny person stopped a train.’”

A bracing story about love and loss is the latest offering in our series of fiction by never-before-published authors.

Katherine J. Lee writes short stories and prints textiles in San Francisco, CA. She has plans to return eventually to New England, where she received her B.A. from Williams College in 2008. “Reading” is her first published story.