Esopus 5 (Fall 2005)


The Sissy Letters (#3)

By Stephen Adly Guirgis

Third in a continuing series of monologues from the New York playwright


Marwencol On My Mind

By Mark Hogancamp

After a brutal attack, an artist creates a fictional town in his backyard to stage recovery.


Artist’s Project: Fernando Bryce

By Fernando Bryce

Pages and covers of Américas magazine revisited in brush and ink


Light Unseen

By Jennifer Tipton

A distinguished lighting designer directs attention to an unacknowledged art form.


Artist’s Project: Mary Ellen Carroll

By Mary Ellen Carroll

Portraits from the New York-based conceptualist’s “You and We” series


Let A Thousand Drawings Bloom

By John Canemaker

A collection of sketches for one frame of the Disney classic Fantasia


“Jondaje the Pheasant Hunter”

Artwork by Ellen Berkenblit; translated by Kenneth J. Yin

An artist interprets a newly translated folktale.


Artist’s Project: Richard Misrach

By Richard Misrach

The California photographer creates a stunning removable poster for Esopus readers.


In Memoriam

By Al Sutherland; recovered by Donald Traver

A found collection of epitaphs composed by monument builder Al Sutherland


Angus Trumble’s 1950 In Retrospect

By Angus Trumble

One year. One page. (Fifth in a series)


Esopus CD #5: Audio-Visuals

Esopus invited musicians to write songs inspired by works of visual art; contributors included The Mountain Goats, Britta Phillips, and Jim White.


Esopus 5 table of contents


“Picturing Marwencol” opens at Esopus Space

The exhibition features a series of photographs by Mark Hogancamp, whose work first appeared in Esopus 5.