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Esopus 11 (Fall 2008)


Portfolio: Dwight Ripley’s “Travel Posters”

By Dwight Ripley; essay by Douglas Crase

Newly discovered colored-pencil drawings by the late artist, poet, and botanist.


Artist’s Project: Jason Polan

By Jason Polan

An artist draws over 100 of Esopus readers’ favorite things in New York City.


“Are We All On The Same Page?”

By Dan Harris

An acclaimed screenwriter’s inside perspective on filmmaking in Hollywood


Artist’s Project: Darina Karpov

By Darina Karpov

Selections from the 2008 watercolor suite “Sudden Appearances into Vanishing”


New Voices: “The Cameraman”

By Maureen O'Leary

Sixth in our series of fiction by never-before-published authors


Artist’s Project: Robert Therrien

By Robert Therrien

Images of the artist’s sculpture No Title (Red Room)—and a detailed inventory of its contents


For Your Reconsideration: Jim Henson’s Youth ’68

By Jim Henson

Documents relating to a forgotten 1968 film by the Muppets creator


100 Frames: La Ciénaga (2001)

Film by Lucrecia Martel; introduction by Kent Jones

Stills from the opening sequence of the Argentinian director’s award-winning first feature


Modern Artifacts 5: Early Registration

Introduction by Michelle Elligott

A selection of pages from the Museum of Modern Art’s first guest book, many reproduced here for the first time


Angus Trumble’s 1 In Retrospect

By Angus Trumble

Year One. On one page. (11th in a series)


Esopus CD #11: Advice

We urged 11 musical acts, including Shearwater, Wye Oak, and Lucky Dragons, to take some advice—and turn it into a song.


A visitor regards Dwight Ripley’s “Travel Poster” drawings, featured in Esopus 11, at a related exhibition at Esopus Space